Why Organic Skin Care?


Why Organic Skin Care?

Typical store-bought lotions do more harm than good… coating our body with harmful preservatives, dyes, perfumes and useless hazards that dry us out, speed up the aging process and even cause cancer as well as many other health and skin issues.

Exposure to the many harmful chemicals and toxins in mainstream products is greater amongst women because we tend to use our skin care products daily, such as lotion.
Creams and lotions, over all other skin care products, need to be free of toxins because they are used every day and because they are designed to stay on and soak into our skin and eventually into our bloodstream!

It’s important to use only ingredients that promote your healthy appearance without doing any potential harm whenever possible. You eat organic foods to avoid many of the chemicals in commercial foods. Now you should do the same for your skin. As I stated before, this is important because what you apply to your skin invariably winds up in your blood. If you can’t read or pronounce the ingredient, there is a high likelihood it should not be in your lotion or other skin care products.

Under the United States Department of Agriculture, the definition of organic means that the produce is generally FREE from…
*synthetic chemicals
*Has not been irradiated or fertilized with sewage
*Grown without the use of pesticides
*Contains no genetically modified ingredients.
Who would want any of these anyways? It’s not like you go around ordering your steak with a shot of antibiotics and hormones!
No one asks for such things. Same goes for skin products… Would you say, “Yes, please give me my anti-aging cream with toxins and chemicals; I know it works because my favorite celebrity endorses it!”
No one asks for such things!

At Pureganix we use ingredients that the USDA permits and certifies as ORGANIC. We believe that using natural and USDA certified organic skincare products is a healthier lifestyle choice because you are avoiding exposure to the chemicals found in conventional skincare products. We proudly list every ingredient in our products.

SEE FOR YOURSELF! Compare your lotions’ ingredients to ours.




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