In Our Products You’ll Find…

Organic Chamomile

Chamomile is a famous plant that is popular for tea time, soothing upset tummies and promoting sleep. But did you know about its beneficial properties for your skin?

Yup, this baby puts up some mean fighting against inflammation, burns and wounds. Chamomile contains flavonoids and essential oils that possess significant anti-allergy, anti-carcinogenic properties. It has been widely used to help soothe psoriasis and dermatitis.
Lately, more research has shown Chamomile’s antioxidant capabilities in helping reduce signs of photo damage. Oh yea baby!
Speaking of baby, Chamomile is perfect for your baby’s bum. It soothes and provides relief from diaper rash or irritations on the skin.
So sip on a cup of tea and lather up your family’s skin with Chamomile!

You can find this ingredient in our:
Lotion Bars
Creamy Lotions
Body Butters
with the Lavender Chamomile scent we carry.

Do you use chamomile for its health benefits as well as its skin benefits?

Do you drink chamomile tea?


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