Is this harmful toxin in your skin product?

toxic chemcials

By now everyone knows that the skin is the largest organ on the body.  It is one of the most versatile of the organs. It’s our first line of defense against external hardships such as extreme temperatures, harmful UVA UVB rays, and pollutants like chemicals and toxins. The skin is also a doorway. It allows moisture to be retained and sweat to be secreted….nourishment and elimination.  It was divinely designed to renew itself… ‘Out with the old in with the new!’  BUT…What is ‘in with the new?’  As your skin is regenerating itself, what is it renewing itself with? Is there something harmful lurking in that product that is promising you youth?

Did you know that according to The Environmental Working Group (EWG) women are exposed to at least 146 chemicals in the beauty products they apply each day?! Many of these chemicals are hormone disrupting toxins that have also been linked to cause cancer. YUCK!  The pursuit of beauty is never worth the risk of cancer!!


Here is one toxin to watch out for:

Alkyloamides- Thickening agents, emollients and emulsifiers in lotion.

  1. DEA – diethanolamides
  2. MEA – monoethanolamides
  3. TEA – triethanolamides
  4. MIPA – monoisopropanolamides
  5. PEG or ethoxylated alkyloamides

They are manufactured by using fatty acids as the starting material. Not considered toxic, but can become contaminated with nitrosamines.  Nitrosamines are considered cancer-causing.

Other chemicals that can cause nitrosamine contamination are:

1.       Cocoyl Sarcosine

2.       2-bromo-2-nitropropane-1

3.       3-diol

4.       Imidazolidinyl Urea

5.       Hydrolysed Animal Protein

6.       Lauryl Sarcosine

7.       Quaternium-7, 15, 31, 60, etc

8.       Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

9.       Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate

10.   Sodium Laureth Sulfate

11.    Ammonium Laureth Sulfate

12.   Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate.

Read more about it here * EWG

It has been studied that these poisons and toxins are absorbed directly into our body and blood stream and stored in our fat tissues, possibly becoming cancer, changing our DNA, causing us infertility, neurotoxicity or causing an array of other medical problems- some we don’t even know about or understand yet.

Choose natural Organic skin care products whenever possible.  At Pureganix we use OTCO, USDA, and Fair for Life certified organic ingredients.  You can get more information about Organics from our previous post Why Organic Skin Care.

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